AMMON foods is a company specializing in Food Trade and Export Management Consulting.

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We at AMMON foods, have passion for good Greek food. Our knowledge, our experience and our strong network of markets abroad provide an edge. Customer service, trust and reliability are our top priorities. As we all held previously senior positions in multinational food companies at the Marketing and the Sales departments, we can successfully assist you in managing and growing your global operations.

Our suppliers hold International Quality Assurance Standards, such as BRC, IFS, EN ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP) and this is how we can be sure that our clients receive high quality products.


We travel all around Greece and the around region, to personally meet with suppliers and producers, taste their products and then select the finest of them according to our client’s needs. Our suppliers are always people who truly love what they are doing, take care personally their products and they are very proud to produce and supply goods that travel around the world.

Our suppliers hold International Quality Assurance Standards, such as BRC, IFS, EN ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP) and this is how we can be sure that our clients receive high quality products.

We organize and undertake your company’s exports helping you to create sustainable growth through successful expansion into international markets.

Developing business outside of our borders requires an organized, methodical and continuous export strategy. We offer a wide range of export solutions, taking into account the dynamics of our clients and their overall business plans, including market research, market analysis and selection, market entry strategy, partner search, brand development, product launch and trade show support services.

With our global and extensive network and our available human resources we assist you in managing and growing your global operations. We offer fresh ideas along with practical insights of the markets abroad in order to create sustainable growth and guide the success on an international scale.


Award-winning Greek cheese products with their unique taste, like P.D.O feta cheese, cow’s white cheese, yellow cheese and grilled cheese. Authentic Greek yogurt, produced exclusively from fresh sheep’s milk. Greek yogurt with extra proteins and strained extensively to remove liquid whey and lactose. Also available is Edesma, a substitute of yogurt with vegetable fats. Suitable for making tzatziki. It can be consumed as it is with fruits and honey.

Greek olives of all three major varieties (Halkidiki, Kalamata and Amfissa) are available. All are carefully selected from areas and villages of certain regions ensuring right color, smooth and meaty taste. Process and packaging are always taking place under strict procedures and quality control. vailable in all kind of packaging (retail or Ho.Re.Ca.), sizes and also in whole, pitted, sliced and halves.

Greek extra virgin olive oil is known worldwide for its purity, exceptional taste and high nutritional value. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is coming from selected olive groves in Crete and Messinia and has unique color and taste. Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is the only cooking oil that is made without the use of chemicals and industrial refining. As the basis of every recipe found in traditional and modern cuisine, extra virgin olive oil plays a dominant role in Mediterranean nutritional habits.

Authentic Greek fillo pastries kneaded with Virgin Olive Oil and filled with the finest ingredients of Greek origin like feta cheese (Tyropita) and spinach (Spanakopita), offer a healthy snack option every day. Perfect as an appetizer and / or as a healthy snack for the whole family, due to the absence of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. Available in different forms (rolls, twists, triangles etc) and in retail and Ho.Re.Ca packages.

Healthy frozen vegetables contain just as many nutrients as fresh, because they’re frozen in their prime. Frozen vegetables are free of additives and preservatives. They can often be prepared with minimal effort, making them a quick and convenient alternative to fresh vegetables.

Many other products like tahini and halva, different kind of herbs, macedonian peppers, red roasted peppers, sun dried tomatoes, capers, sweet spoon, marmalade etc., also available.


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